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  • hetty-feather
    Behind The Scenes

    Hetty Feather, CBBC


    Convincing children that ‘old stuff ’ is worth watching is one thing; curbing contemporary slang on set is quite another, discovered David Collier

  • Behind The Scenes

    Undercover, BBC1


    Key scenes finally clicked once we changed continent last-minute, says producer Richard Stokes - while director James Hawes battled to make a riot look real.

  • Life In The Air, BBC1
    Behind The Scenes

    Life In The Air, BBC1


    Capturing animals in flight in some of the world’s toughest locations required some unorthodox kit, says Simon Bell

  • Behind The Scenes

    Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man, BBC3


    Eddie Izzard’s Sport Relief challenge was an endurance test for the production team too, says executive producer Nick Catliff

  • Cant-Touch-This_BBC1_UK_S1_2015_Episodic-Stills_19
    Behind The Scenes

    Can't Touch This, BBC1


    Getting a commission turned out to be the easy bit - the real test was losing our location and having to build three new sets in a building with a leaky roof, says Stellify’s joint managing director Matthew Worthy

  • BTS-Doon-Camera-AP-031015
    Behind The Scenes

    Two Doors Down, BBC2


    When you have naturally funny performers like Doon Mackichan, Elaine C Smith and Sharon Rooney in your cast, you’d be crazy not to take their opinions on board, says Simon Carlyle

  • Her Story, The Female Revolution

    Her Story: the Female Revolution, BBC World News


    Films of Records’s Neil Grant on partnering with advertising agency JWT Entertainment.

  • Stag
    Behind The Scenes

    Stag, BBC2


    We went full ‘method’ in recreating the stag do from hell in the Scottish Highlands, says Jim Field Smith

  • The Prosecutors, BBC4
    Behind The Scenes

    The Prosecutors, BBC4


    You learn to be patient when there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to use the cases you’re following, say Sara Hardy and Blue Ryan

  • thirteen-3
    Behind The Scenes

    Thirteen, BBC3


    Commissioned before BBC3’s online move was set in stone, Thirteen had to shift from a traditional production road map to one that embraced all things digital.

  • susanne_bier_by_Les-Kaner
    The Broadcast Interview

    Susanne Bier, The Night Manager


    Acclaimed Danish film director Susanne Bier waited 25 years to make her TV debut - with a thriller that had taken almost as long to get to the screen.

  • 9735038-high_res-the-rack-pack
    Behind The Scenes

    The Rack Pack, BBC iPlayer


    Our BBC iPlayer film presented two huge challenges: combining comedy and tragedy, and making non-professionals look like geniuses with a snooker cue, says Barney Reisz

  • Behind The Scenes

    Dickensian, BBC1


    On a vast Victorian street set in a warehouse in west London, James Rampton hears how Red Planet took a light-footed approach to its rummage through Charles Dickens’ brain

  • War and Peace, BBC1
    Behind The Scenes

    War and Peace, BBC1


    At more than 1,400 pages, adapting War And Peace as a six-part drama was not for the fainthearted. Olly Grant meets the director, producer and crew charged with bringing the epic story to life

  • the-dads-army-story
    Behind The Scenes

    We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story, BBC2


    A drama about the birth of Dad’s Army reveals the behind-the-scenes conflict over the classic sitcom - and how it almost didn’t happen. Olly Grant meets the team telling the tale

  • Shaun The Sheep
    Behind The Scenes

    Shaun The Sheep: The Farmer's Llama, BBC1


    The challenge on our 30-minute Shaun The Sheep special was to broaden his world without alienating his fans - and meticulous planning of every last detail, says Jay Grace

  • Behind The Scenes

    The Age of Loneliness, BBC1


    Finding 14 contributors prepared to bare their souls on camera wasn’t easy but we wanted to show how loneliness can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life

  • teletubbies-bts
    Behind The Scenes

    Teletubbies, CBeebies


    The Teletubbies are back, but with their original outdoor set long gone, new producer Darrall Macqueen used models and CGI to recreate the magic, they tell Robin Parker

  • alison_kirkham
    The Broadcast Interview

    Alison Kirkham: giving BBC factual a shot in the arm


    Alison Kirkham and her team want to work creatively with indies to bring ambitious projects to life.

  • William Mager

    William Mager, See Hear


    As BBC2’s magazine show for the deaf community enters its 35th series, series producer William Mager discusses the ongoing significance of the format.