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  • Inside Number 9
    Behind The Scenes

    Inside No 9, BBC2


    Inside No. 9 producer Adam Tandy talks to George Bevir about creating a working 1970s drama set with period cameras and lighting for the return of the darkly comic anthology series

  • Time-Commanders4
    Behind The Scenes

    Time Commanders, BBC4


    Rebooting the format a decade on allowed the use of much more powerful software

  • The-Last-Miners
    Behind The Scenes

    The Last Miners, BBC1


    By rejecting the use of mini cams, gimbals and drones, we strove for visual honesty of life in the pits, says Wesley Pollitt

  • Stacey Dooley Frontline
    Behind The Scenes

    Stacey Dooley: Guns, Girls and Isis, BBC3


    Stacey Dooley has revealed her reasons for venturing into a war zone for the first time following the launch of her Isis-themed BBC3 documentary.

  • Deserts
    Behind The Scenes

    Planet Earth, BBC1


    A decade after its groundbreaking series, BBC Studios’ NHU is again using cutting-edge techniques and technology to take the viewer right into the world of animals.

  • Big Blue

    Underwater innovators


    Deep-sea filming is one of the toughest challenges in natural history. George Bevir hears how some of the genre’s leading producers have charted this hidden world

  • Conviction: Murder At The Station

    Conviction, BBC2


    First we had to set some ground rules to ensure we got the kind of cinematic, high-stakes documentary we wanted. Then we had to find the right case, says Richard Bond

  • Obesity - The Post Mortem

    Obesity - The Post Mortem


    Filming a post-mortem for BBC3 took us on a long and emotional journey, but the result is an eye-opening documentary, says Melanie Archer

  • Alexandra Shulman
    Behind The Scenes

    Inside British Vogue, BBC2


    The opportunity to make a series about a major British institution doesn’t usually just fall into your lap, says Katie Buchanan

  • BTS_Nuts_APS_7046
    Behind The Scenes

    Robot Wars, BBC2


    As Sir Killalot, Matilda and the rest of the Robot Wars gang prepare for their TV comeback, Olly Grant visits the giant set where the souped-up veterans will take on the next generation

  • City in the Sky
    Behind The Scenes

    City in the Sky, BBC2


    Russell Levin highlights the challenges of trying to film 300 tonne aircraft taking off from the coldest city on earth.

  • Battle of Jutland
    Behind The Scenes

    Battle of Jutland: the Navy's Bloodiest Day, BBC2


    What started as a personal story for executive producer Liz McLeod became a technical jigsaw puzzle for director Alicia Aarce

    Behind The Scenes

    Last Whites of the East End, BBC1


    We warmed up many of our contributors over a pint - but we had to out ourselves as lightweights, says Kelly Close

  • Love-Nina-iconic---landscape
    Behind The Scenes

    Love, Nina, BBC1


    Our fictionalised take on Nina Stibbe’s book tries to shine a light on the every day with wit, heart and visual flourish, says Jamie Laurenson

  • hetty-feather
    Behind The Scenes

    Hetty Feather, CBBC


    Convincing children that ‘old stuff ’ is worth watching is one thing; curbing contemporary slang on set is quite another, discovered David Collier

  • Adrian-Riot-Camera
    Behind The Scenes

    Undercover, BBC1


    Key scenes finally clicked once we changed continent last-minute, says producer Richard Stokes - while director James Hawes battled to make a riot look real.

  • Life In The Air, BBC1
    Behind The Scenes

    Life In The Air, BBC1


    Capturing animals in flight in some of the world’s toughest locations required some unorthodox kit, says Simon Bell

  • Eddie-Izzard-4
    Behind The Scenes

    Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man, BBC3


    Eddie Izzard’s Sport Relief challenge was an endurance test for the production team too, says executive producer Nick Catliff

  • Cant-Touch-This_BBC1_UK_S1_2015_Episodic-Stills_19
    Behind The Scenes

    Can't Touch This, BBC1


    Getting a commission turned out to be the easy bit - the real test was losing our location and having to build three new sets in a building with a leaky roof, says Stellify’s joint managing director Matthew Worthy

  • BTS-Doon-Camera-AP-031015
    Behind The Scenes

    Two Doors Down, BBC2


    When you have naturally funny performers like Doon Mackichan, Elaine C Smith and Sharon Rooney in your cast, you’d be crazy not to take their opinions on board, says Simon Carlyle