Will's World creator recruits Flick Films' Evans and Pike for new Animo-based venture
BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE - Production company Fireside Favourites is developing its own animation studio, writes Barbara Marshall.

The company, producer of Channel 4 Comedy Lab animations such as House of Rock, has appointed three animators to develop work in-house following the commission of two long-format series by C4.

The company has recruited animation director Stuart Evans and animator Simon Pike from Flicks Films, plus Gareth Axford who is also an animator. Fireside Favourites and Flicks Films have worked together in the past - Evans created the animation for Popcultomania.

Managing director Gavin Claxton said they have installed a full Animo facility from Cambridge Animation Systems as they worked with the system on projects such as Will's World, the cartoon about bizarre goings on at Prince William's 18th birthday.