Atlantic Productions’ Flying Monsters 3D, featuring Sir David Attenborough, has grossed over $7m at the box office to date.

The 3D documentary, one of the first shows ordered by Sky for its Sky 3D channel, was released in 65 giant screens, including Imax and similarly large screen theatres, worldwide in May 2011.

The 40-minute film, which was created at the same time as the 90 minute TV version, has taken around $3m in the US and $4m internationally according to data from reporting service Box Office Mojo.

Atlantic’s chief executive Antony Geffen, who exec produced the Bafta-winning doc, said Flying Monsters 3D was designed for distribution across a range of platforms, including giant screen, from its inception.  

“Extending the number of platforms allows us to sell and finance our content in new ways. When you shoot in 3D and at a very high resolution you can go across every other screen, as well as TV,” he said. “Giant screen isn’t like normal cinema releases, the films can run for as long as 15 years so the amount it grosses will continue to grow.”

Rival 3D docs also available in 2011 in giant screen cinemas in the US include nature film Born To Be Wild which grossed $20m and Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, which took $5.4m.  

Atlantic, which has produced follow-up 3D docs The Bachelor King and Kingdom Of Plants, formed joint venture Colossus Productions with Sky in July. All future 3D projects, starting with Galapagos 3D which was ordered by Sky in December, will be produced via the indie.