Contestants get to play detective in a new murder mystery format from Spain

The format
Combining elements of mystery, sitcom and gameshow, contestants on Who Killed JC? must solve a murder to win the game.

The first half of the show is a sitcom, described as a “crazy black comedy”. The main character, JC, appears in every episode - only to be murdered by one of the eight other characters, all of whom have reasons to kill him.

The second half is the gameshow, with four contestants competing over five rounds, with questions revolving around what has happened in the sitcom. The winner of each round gets more information, which will help lead them to identifying the killer.

Contestants also accumulate money through each round, with the one who makes the most going through to the final and the chance to name the killer. If he or she solves the case, the prize money is doubled.

Who's showing it?
The original format was developed by Cuarzo Producciones in Spain and the worldwide rights were picked up by Zodiak International. A pilot has already been made for Spain and an option sold in Greece.

Coming to the UK?
Zodiak is in discussions with several European broadcasters, including UK ones.

Will it work here?
A TV series based on the board game Cluedo ran for four series on ITV between 1990 and 1994. Who Killed JC? has a similar format and with its tongue-in-cheek comedic element it could prove a popular twist on the format.