First-hand experience of digital TV makes 'digitally uninterested' cynics more willing to convert from analogue, according to new research from the Independent Television Commission, writes Rosemary Gallagher.
Backed by industry leaders like BSkyB, BBC, Telewest, NTL and Channel 4, the Go Digital project asked 300 households in the west Midlands whether they would be interested in digital TV. Although around 60 households said they were not interested, after they were given access to free-to-air digital services for several weeks, around 68% of the refusniks changed their minds and said they would go digital as soon as possible. Twenty-six per cent said they were not keen but would consider it at some point and only 6% completely ruled it out.The findings, part of the Digital TV action plan to ensure the government's criteria for a switch from analogue to digital are met, revealed that most people had changed their minds after experiencing more channel choice and better picture and sound quality.