Viewers facing prospect of night with Vanessa Feltz or Micheal Winner as BBC attempts to 'deconstruct the chat show'
BBC 1 controller Lorraine Heggessey has commissioned a new celebrity chat show-cum-reality format which will see celebrities moving into the homes of their fans, writes Leigh Holmwood.

Celebrity Sleepover will feature 'stars' such as Vanessa Feltz, Jeremy Beadle and Michael Winner staying overnight at the home of one of their fans before waking up for an interview in the front room the next morning. Cameras will follow the stars throughout their stay.

The 6 x 30-minute series, ordered by Heggessey and controller of factual commissions Nicola Moody as part of BBC 1's new Friday night summer line up, will see the celebrities enjoy dinner with their fan, take part in family activities and sleep in the spare room. 'We are aiming to deconstruct the chat show,' claimed executive producer Vicki Barrass. 'It is very exciting,'

Set to air from 20 July at 19.00, the show will be made in-house and series produced by Nigel Mercer. Celebrity Sleepover has been seen internally as one of the key building blocks of the BBC's peaktime schedule.