‘Working with Amanda was extraordinary. Her nose for a story, and her tenacity to nurture it and see it through, was mindblowing”’

Amanda Duke was only expecting to write one episode of Matt Charman’s Netflix spy thriller Treason. That she has ended up penning half of the scripts is testament to her talent.

“Working with Amanda was extraordinary,” says Charman. “Her nose for a story, her tenacity to nurture it and see it through, to protect it as we neared production but to be alive to the rigours and realities of shooting, was mind-blowing.”

Duke’s first credit was for Story Films’ whistleblowing C4 drama The Cure and she’s bursting with ideas – with scripts in development about everything from the life of Uri Geller to the unsolved 1957 murder of 11-year-old Moira Anderson. Sticking firmly in the thriller genre, she is also in the writers’ room for series two of ITV’s Trigger Point.