‘Krizzah is someone really going places and we just hope we can hang on to her coat tails’

  • 22
  • Production secretary
  • Rare TV

Arriving in Northern Ireland from the Philippines with no English, 10-year-old Krizzah Policarpio quickly set about learning the language.

That same enthusiasm for learning has also been evident in Policarpio’s film-making, where her passion for the medium has resulted in countless awards, culminating in her selection as Northern Ireland ambassador for charity Cinemagic at its Los Angeles Film Festival.

Policarpio has spent the past four years working up an impressive number of credits, starting out as a runner on productions including Blue Bird Media and Belfast City Council’s campaign video for #YourBelfast, and Cinemagic short Pushed.

She then took on various production assistant roles, including on Farset Films shorts Bleed and Duck, before transitioning into the role of Covid officer on productions for Cinemagic, including Lose Your Way and Carol.

Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams: Me & IVF

Policarpio’s hunger to learn the ins and outs of TV production has landed her a role working with Rare TV as production secretary, and on titles such as Nicola Adams: Me & IVF for ITV and BBC1’s Expert Witness.

“One of the more exciting aspects of TV production is when you take on someone with not much experience and see them make rapid progress and flourish in the job,” says Rare chief executive Alexander Gardiner.

“Krizzah is someone really going places and we just hope to hold onto her coat tails.”

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