‘She can handle anything with confidence and style’

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  • Post producer
  • Picture Shop

“Yasmin Amey has the patience of a saint,” marvels The Masked Singer series producer Ben Peart, who describes her as “by far the standout” of all the post-producers he has ever worked with.

He credits her “attention to detail and ability to spot errors in scheduling” for getting him out of many scrapes over the years.

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The VTs on the show are delivered up to the wire, just hours before needed. Peart says: “I am only able to do this because Yasmin is running things. In those hours, I am running rehearsals in the gallery, so to know she is across the VTs is one less thing for me to worry about.”

He notes that it can be challenge for post-producers to stand out, as they only tend to attract attention when things go wrong. Amey, he says, bucks that trend and is acknowledged “by all I meet” as being “fantastic”.

As well as the Bandicoot smash and sister show The Masked Dancer, Amey has led post-production on marquee ITV titles Britain’s Got Talent and In For A Penny. Thames exec Edwin Rothwell says Amey always has his back on his shows too.

“I love Yas for her dedication and reliability,” he says. “Our productions are generally 24-hour operations and I know I can call on Yas at any time – and she will be in my corner helping me to find those extra suites or squeeze in those urgent last-minute requests. She can handle anything with confidence and style.”

Rothwell notes her resilience, quality control and good relationship with colleagues. “Her joyous spirit creates an environment where we feel that we can achieve anything.”

Picture Shop head of unscripted production Paul Jones says Amey’s “meticulous attention to detail and firm hand on the tiller” has kept these juggernauts on track, and acknowledges her inspiring and positive leadership skills too.

Amey is not sitting still: recently, she has relished the opportunity to extend her knowledge and learn new workflows by steering fast-turnaround UHD comedy specials featuring Russell Howard and Ahir Shah for Netflix and HBO Max.

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