UK's first ever audio-visual industry census to provide definitive snapshot of state of skills base
The UK's first ever media industries census takes place this Friday (19 May). Backed by major employers, trades unions and the government, it will attempt to provide a definitive picture of the television, film, radio, video and new media industries.

The census, part of the Department of Culture, Media & Sport/Skillset Audio Visual Industries Training Group Review (AVITG), aims to be the first in a series of annual snapshots revealing the size, scope and nature of employment in the UK's audio-visual industries.

Former United Broadcasting & Entertainment chief executive Roger Laughton, who is chairing the cross-industry AVITG review, said the results of the census would be used to promote the media's 'true collective worth and contribution to the UK economy'.

He said: 'The more comprehensive the data we can collect, the better the industry and government can plan together how to plug skills gaps in the short term, and how to meet skills needs in the longer term. I urge each and every company to make sure that they fill in the census form.' users can fill in the census form online.