ITV has bought 190 Sony PMW-400 and PMW-200 cameras to support the transition to HD by its regional news teams.

The XDCAM cameras and CBK-WA101 wireless adapters will be used across all of the broadcaster’s regional newsgathering operations.

ITV News director of technology and technical operations Paul Stevenson said: “Moving all our regional newsgathering operations to HD is a critical step for us.

“In the fast-paced world of news, the ability to easily capture and transmit high quality content is essential and our deal with Sony provides our teams with industry-leading tools to consistently deliver the footage they need, as well as being able to seamlessly integrate their shots into our wider news production workflow.”

The CBK-WA101 wireless adapters, which will be paired with the broadcaster’s PMW-400L cameras, will be used to send proxy files and high-res content to a server or cloud environment via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Stevenson described Sony’s XDCAM workflow as “one of the key factors in our final decision”.

He said: “By investing in this technology our teams will be able to easily ingest, edit, and export their content as data files, critical as we future-proof our newsgathering tools and processes”.