“The account of James’s death has lost none of its power to disturb.”

James Bulger: A Mother's Story

James Bulger: A Mother’s Story with Trevor McDonald, ITV

“James Bulger: A Mother’s Story was an even more harrowing watch than Channel 4’s documentary on Monday. The interview with a woman who saw the boys pulling James along and could have intervened was haunting.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“James Bulger: A Mother’s Story has a more personal angle than the Channel 4 film. The reliving of the day is unbearable.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“The difference here was that Trevor McDonald visited the home of Bulger’s mother Denise Fergus, who recalled the unimaginable trauma with extraordinary poise. The programme gestured at exploring the contributing factors which could transmogrify boys of 10 into murderers. But it didn’t dig too deep, mindful of the need to honour Mrs Fergus’s decision to participate.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

“The account of James’s death has lost none of its power to disturb, and the years have done nothing to blunt mother Denise Fergus’s grief. Much of the story is familiar, and this is not the first time Mrs Fergus has spoken in depth about the incident and her emotions, but Sir Trevor’s gently skilful questioning helped us to understand how the trauma still haunts her.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Trouble at the Zoo, BBC2

“The film-makers had remarkable access to make a gripping programme, a transparency for which the zoo’s new management should be commended. But if you don’t like zoos there was very little here that would change your mind.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Rarely has a documentary left me angrier than Trouble At The Zoo — not only for the incompetence and negligence it revealed, but for the easy ride given to all involved. This hour-long look at the South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria made no effort to hold anyone to account for the catalogue of cruel neglect at the park, where nearly 500 animals have died in the past four years.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“The film ended with questions hanging everywhere. It wasn’t clear if the zoo could change quickly enough to thrive. Beyond that, we were left wondering if, perhaps, the days of all zoos were numbered.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express