The revamped Five News, presented by Natasha Kaplinsky, drew audiences of 1m at 5pm and 400,000 at 7pm.

The first outing of Five's new look news programme at 5pm picked up an average audience of 957,000 (7.5%) over half an hour with its audience rising from 885,000 (7.3%) in the first 15-minutes to 1m (7.7%) in the final quarter of an hour.

The programme, anchored by the former BBC newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, was up by 30% on the channel's slot average for Mondays in 2007 of 750,000 (6.1%).

On weekdays (Monday to Friday) Five averaged 664,000 (5.6%) over that time period last year.

Previously, Five's teatime news, which ran from 5.30pm to 6pm, averaged 587,000 (4.2%) in 2007. This had increased to 618,000 (3.9%) so far this year.

Despite the rise in viewers, Five still trailed the terrestrial pack at the time.

Over the half hour BBC2 had a combination of Ready Steady Cook and Britain's Dream Homes, which averaged 1.3m (5.6%) with the latter show picking up 1.5m (11.8%) from 5.15pm.

The first 30-minutes of Channel 4's Richard and Judy interested 1.9m (14.9%), with the magazine show holding a largely stable audience over the entire hour from 5pm.

BBC1's news programme for children, Newsround, gained 736,000 (6.1%) for 15-minutes at 5pm but the channel's audience shot up to 2.3m (15.3%) for quiz show The Weakest Link at 5.15pm. ITV1's game show, Goldenballs, managed 2m (14%) over the hour.

Kaplinsky also anchored Five's evening news at 7pm which wasn't as popular at its earlier bulletin.

The half-hour programme drew 431,000 (1.9%) with its audience falling from 472,000 (2.1%) at the start to 389,000 (1.7%) in the final 15-minutes.

The news service was only up slightly - 3.6% - on the channel's slot average for last year on a Monday of 416,000 (2.1%). Over the entire weekday period Five averaged 329,000 (1.7%) in 2007.

The 7pm edition of the news last year, which generally lasted 15-minutes, averaged just 279,000 (1.5%) although audiences did vary quite wildly. The most watched bulletin gained 830,000 (4%) on New Year's Eve but just 134,000 (0.8%) watched on 20 April.

This year, the 7pm news has had a slight boost with an average of 284,000 (1.3%).

Once again Five trailed the terrestrial pack at 7pm. Between 7pm and 7.30pm the Channel 4 News informed 809,000 (3.6%). Further ahead was BBC2's historical The Twenties in Colour on 1.3m (5.5%).

BBC1's The One Show was once again past the 5m mark at 7pm with 5.1m (22.2%) for 30-minutes. ITV1 totally dominated the slot though with Emmerdale on 8.5m (37%).