BBC3 and ITV2 were locked in a fierce ratings tussle at 9pm last night as BBC3's The World's Strictest Parents averaged 720,000 (3.96%) but failed to topple the commercial channel's Katie & Peter.

The 60-minute BBC3 show was the highest audience for a launch episode of a factual series since the channel began as its audience grew from 673,000 (3.64%) to 763,000 (4.29%) at the end.

The show was well above the channel's slot average for the year so far of 350,000 (1.77%).

The BBC3 show though had to settle for second place behind ITV2's ratings blockbuster Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter. The second outing of the new series grabbed a sizeable 864,000 (4.75%) in the same slot. The show peaked with 893,000 (4.97%) at the start. The show then gained a further 173,000 at 10pm on ITV2+1.

The spoils in the battle for younger viewers also went to ITV2. Viewers aged between 16 and 34 made up 40.9% of ITV2's audience compared to BBC3's 37.8%.

Upmarket viewers preferred BBC3's show though. A strong 38.8% share of BBC3's audience was made up of ABC1 viewers while the same demographic accounted for 31.2% of ITV2's show.

Viewers then turned to BBC3 at 10pm as EastEnders drew a strong 1.2m (7.3%) for half an hour. ITV2 though still managed to smash the half a million mark at the time as Secret Diary of a Call Girl took 651,000 (4.11%).

ITV2 wasn't so popular at 10.30pm though as the new comedy No Heroics found that it had no super powers with the viewers. Only 228,000 (1.83%) watched the show some way off the channel's slot average for the year of 339,000 (2.49%) and it gained a further 44,000 on ITV2+1.

BBC3 though didn't cover itself in glory too much either at 10.30pm as The Wrong Door managed 325,000 (2.61%), well below the slot average of 544,000 (3.99%).

Elsewhere amongst the key multichannel offerings ITV3's Inspector Wexford at 9.05pm put in a solid performance with 453,000 (3%) for over two hours.