“There were no answers in this film, which, for all its good intentions, was frustratingly inconclusive.”

Kids On The Edge

Kids on the Edge: The Gender Clinic, C4

“Directed by Bafta-winning Peter Beard, it was by turns affecting and exasperating. There were no answers in this film, which, for all its good intentions, was frustratingly inconclusive.”
Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

“The director Peter Beard’s first episode of the new documentary series Kids on the Edge was one of the better films on the subject. What the programme lacked was an element of debate supported by facts.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“It’s easy to be cynical because arguably some labels have been too liberally dished out, along with pills. Yet that, as this bold bit of documentary filmmaking showed, doesn’t apply all the time.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“As a documentary, this is courageous enough to do what online discussion is often incapable of: explore the subtleties that get lost in the vicious polemics that can dominate the public reporting of such stories.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

The Undiscovered Peter Cook, BBC4

“For fans of the comedian, The Undiscovered Peter Cook was the equivalent of the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb, with Victor Lewis-Smith in the Howard Carter role.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“For a comedy obsessive like Lewis-Smith, it was a gold mine and the result was this charmingly ramshackle, joyous film – a fascinating insight into the mind of Cook.”
Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

“There were unheard recordings, missing tapes and all manner of satirical delights in suitcases and shoeboxes. More delightful still were the glimpses of the private Peter Cook, leaving love notes for his wife and clowning on holiday with his pal John Cleese.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Tenable, ITV

“The laser-bright smile never wavered. Where Warwick Davis really failed was on the false humility. A great gameshow host is so humble, it hurts. But at just 3ft 6in tall, Warwick is a colossus of movie blockbusters, and didn’t he let us know it.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail