AETN channels director Richard Melman has left the broadcaster after eight years.

Melman joined AETN in 2002 and helped develop the broadcaster’s portfolio with the launch of the Bio, Crime & Investigation and Military History channels, to accompany its flagship History channel.

He was responsible for all content and acquisition, and drove a repositioning of the History channel away from “WWII and Hitler” programming to more general historical content.

Melman was uncontactable and it is not clear if he has a job to go to.

AETN UK managing director Tom Davidson confirmed Melman’s departure. He said: “During his eight years, he helped grow the business to its current position and now feels that it is time to explore new opportunities outside of the company.”

Prior to his role at AETN, Melman was channel director at Artsworld, now Sky Arts, and helped BBC Worldwide to launch Animal Planet with Discovery.