Channel 4 is to recruit all of its contestants for the forthcoming series of interactive gameshow The Million Pound Drop via the internet.

The broadcaster and production company Remarkable will select the players throughout the series, which starts this Friday, from those who play along with the gameshow via their PCs.

Host Davina McCall will share information about how the contestants fared in their previous online session during the TV quiz itself.

C4 entertainment and comedy multiplatform commissioner Jody Smith said the plan was to reward online players and deepen the tie to the show’s interactive elements.

“We are looking to turn the online game into a part of the story of the show,” Smith said. “It gives us new stories to tell and will also help drive plays of the game.”

To date, The Million Pound Drop has peaked with 200,000 (12.4%) of its audience playing along with the TV show in real time, and its online game has an average dwell time of 28 minutes.

The series has had a total of 4.3 million cumulative players since it launched, taking individuals playing multiple times into account.

The online casting will hope to extend the game’s 172,000 Facebook and 37,500 Twitter shares.