“Impeccably timed and perfectly judged. The final episode was more or less unimprovable”


Mum, BBC2

“Like so much else with Stefan Golaszewski’s masterful series, its farewell was impeccably timed and perfectly judged. As a distillation of the show’s best elements, the final episode was more or less unimprovable.”
Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph

“Of all the difficult things about writing a TV show, crafting the perfect ending is surely the hardest. Last night, Stefan Golaszewski made it look easy. Golaszewski never faltered in a finale stuffed full of smartly observed confrontations and anchored by a subtle performance from Lesley Manville as a woman who had finally decided that enough was enough.”
Sarah Hughes, The i

“Some readers may have binge-watched the series weeks ago on BBC iPlayer, but the finale bears repeat viewing. Not only to appreciate its many exquisite banalities and nuances, but also to remember, as we bid it goodbye, that it did have faults. This feels like the right time for the show to bow out.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

Wild Bill, ITV

“While I reiterate that Rob Lowe is a fine comic actor and very easy to watch, I still can’t tell whether the show wants to be taken seriously. If not, that’s great. Let’s have more funny, biting lines. Rob Lowe’s comic potential feels hemmed in.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Wild Bill continued to push boundaries, although not always in a good way: the serio-comic mood still jarred, its characters frequently behaved bizarrely. But surrender to its strangeness and there was gold here. Wild? Perhaps. Woolly? Certainly. But its very oddness is what makes Wild Bill worth watching.”
Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph

Hometown: A Killing, BBC1

“Hometown was truly shocking, a chilling indictment of how drugs crime has unleashed casual violence on ordinary streets across Britain. Every senior officer in the country ought to be made to watch this documentary and realise: this is what happens when the police take it upon themselves to decriminalise drug dealing.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“The programme had a clear mission to increase knowledge and encourage acute sensitivity, and it holds fast. It also made a fine fist of showing how the non-physical, non-medical ramifications of diagnosis are not immutable and can be alleviated.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian