BBC1 stumbled again in peaktime as No Place Like Home attracted just 2.8 million (11.5%) and was overtaken by BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV1.
BBC1 stumbled again in peaktime as No Place Like Home attracted just 2.8 million (11.5%) and was overtaken by BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV1.

The 60-minute documentary at 21.00, which followed the lives of three teenagers growing up away from their families failed to break the 3 million mark. The finale of the drama Red Cap in the same slot last Thursday got 4.6 million (19.4%).

The second part of Dunkirk on BBC2 had another successful night appealing to a sizeable 4.1 million (16.8%) in the same 60-minute slot. Channel 4 also had the advantage over the corporation's flagship channel with 3.5 million (14.3%) for its documentary Fallen Angel: the Real Charlotte Church.

Five was also not too far off surpassing BBC1 as well as its film Deep Blue Sea at 21.00 was just 400,000 less with 2.4 million (11.2%).

ITV1 though was easily in the lead with 6.2 million (26.5%) over 90-minutes from 21.00. The second episode of Wire in the Blood gained an extra 700,000 from the previous Thursday.

BBC1 improved on Wednesday's disasterous peaktime performance largely thanks to EastEnders at 19.30 which attracted 12.2 million (53,8%).

Five's Back to Reality show at 20.00 picked up an extra 100,000 viewers for the second day running to average 900,000 (3.7%) but was still some way from being able to rival Channel 4 or BBC2.

C4's property-lifestyle shows A Place in the Sun and A Place in France: an Indian Summer got 2.5 million (10.9%) and 2.9 million (12.1%) respectively while 2 .1 million (9.1%) saw Celebrity Mastermind on BBC2. A new series of Rick Stein's Food Heroes on BBC2 at 20.30 picked up 3.2 million (13.6%).

Over in multichannel homes, Sky One's second episode of US import 24 attracted 590,100 (4.3%), a fall of 39% from the previous week.

The series starring Kiefer Sutherland at 21.00 last night (19 February) hit a peak of 615,970 at 21.15. Last Thursday, the opening episode of the third series in the same slot, averaged 968,340 (7.03%).

It was once again soundly beaten by E4's run of the last series of Friends. The 30-minute comedy at 21.00 attracted 1.2 million (8.7%).

Further down the field was UK Gold's episode of Only Fools and Horses with 318,290 (2.30%) and Law and Order on Hallmark won over 119,920 (0.87%). Granada Plus' Columbo was investigated by just 42,590 (0.34%).

Sky One's other new shows in its Thursday night line-up also lost viewers from the previous week, but to a less dramatic extent. Jake 2.0 at 20.00 attracted 643,570 (4.87%), down from 856,470 (6.21%) while Cold Case at 22.00 got 349,920.

ITV2's re-showing of The Brit Awards 2004 was the entertainment channel's most popular show at 21.00 with 235,000 (1.9%) while BBC3's episode of EastEnders at 22.30 drew 283,000 (2.34%).

Peaktime shares for Thursday 19 February: ITV1 - 30.7%, BBC1 - 22.3%, BBC2 - 12.1%, C4 - 10.1%, Five - 5.7%.