October Films has defended its documentary Weekend Nazisfrom accusations of misleading editing. [ALL]
October Films has defended its documentary Weekend Nazisfrom accusations of misleading editing.

The documentary, fronted by John Sweeney, attracted seven complaints to Ofcom following its broadcast on BBC1 on 27 August, some of which are understood to be from participants concerned about how they were portrayed.

Military re-enactor Nick Beardshaw has claimed that the investigation into whether Second World War German army re-enactment groups are a 'magnet for extremists' was misleadingly edited.

The film showed Beardshaw's wedding, at which he wore a German army doctor's uniform. He said American music was played during the wedding, but that the programme dubbed over the German national anthem.

Responding to the allegations, Denman Rooke, managing director of October Films, told Broadcastnowthat the piece of music was 'a small piece of incidental music featuring a harpsichord playing the current German national anthem' which was played over a shot of the invitation to the wedding, which featured the Nazi swastika.

October Films was also accused of selectively editing the wedding video to show only people wearing Nazi uniforms. Beardshaw said there were actually uniforms of a number of different armies present.

Rooke responded: 'What we have here is a man who chose to get married wearing the uniform of a German military doctor from 1943, the same uniform that was being worn by Josef Mengele at the time.

'A man who had a guard of honour at his wedding made up of guests wearing the uniform of SS officers - who committed horrific atrocities across Europe and were the architects of the 'final solution'.

'He went into this with his eyes open and we never suggested he was a Nazi. In fact, John says in the commentary that other wedding guests were not in Nazi uniform. Maybe he was naïve, but the claims being made to Ofcom will not be supported.'

He also pointed out that the re-enactment group featured in the documentary had also complained about an article in the Observer newspaper in July.

Ofcom is currently investigating the complaints. The BBC received a further complaint.