ITV has been summoned to meet Ofcom to ensure it understands the rules around promotional references after breaching them for the third time in two years.

The broadcaster has been found in breach of the rules after Patsy Kensit appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh Show and made references to Weight Watchers without indicating that she was an ambassador for it.

The actress appeared on the programme on 14 February and was interviewed by Titchmarsh where she talked about weight loss she had achieved by using Weight Watchers, provoking a viewer to complain.

ITV was asked to respond to the complaints. In its defence, ITV said the references were not unduly prominent  and that the weight loss discussion was about her personal experience.

However, Ofcom rejected those arguments and said that ITV had breached rules 9.4 and 9.5 in the Broadcasting Code governing what kind of promotion is allowed in programming.

The regulator said that Kensit’s references to Weight Watchers were considered to be “promotional and an endorsement”.

It follows This Morning being found in breach for including promotional and unduly prominent references by Amanda Holden to a group of law firms and Dannii Minogue for a certain type of milk on Lorraine. In both instances the guests had commercial arrangements to promote the brands.