CBeebies held its season launch at King’s Place in a morning slot that allowed its natural audience to witness the latest shows on offer.

On this evidence, Rastamouse looks set to be a hit, while Mr Bloom’s Nursery got the children busy potting up some seeds afterwards - though one poor soul was rushed to the toilet after smearing soil in his eyes. CBeebies presenter Alex Winters revealed that his proudest moment as a parent was when his two-year-old son, fresh from watching Rastamouse, ran around the house shouting “irie”.

Dinner with Clement Attlee
From Charlie Higson to Graham Linehan, Peter Serafi nowicz and Leigh Francis, this week’s unveiling of Robert Popper’s Channel 4 sitcom Friday Night Dinner read like a Who’s Who of TV comedy. Seemingly everyone involved got a mention from Popper, who threw in a thanks to Clement Attlee for good measure.

Bubbly’s on ice for Bennett
The BBC’s austerity drive got a special boost last week, thanks to a particularly frugal leaving party for former Vision director Jana Bennett. Rather than quaffi ng champagne at Searcy’s Bar, attendees were invited to knock back warm wine (white and red) in a TVC offi ce. We’re sure Bennett approved of such prudence, but is perhaps now ready to enjoy some of the perks at Worldwide.

With devastating timing, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have unveiled their iPhone app, featuring an animated version of the pair discussing what we are promised are “the most outrageous, funny stupid and unbelievable” quotations from the world of football. Rumours version two will include “just put that down there love” or “did you smash it?” are unconfi rmed.