Sparks flew When Louis Met the Hamiltons, says BBC head of development, drama serials Sarah Brown, but Blind Date is past its sell-by.
When Louis Met the Hamiltons (BBC 2, 11 December 21.00) more than lived up to the hype. Theroux's fearless interviewing technique produced a revealing portrait of the disgraced couple. Most fascinating was seeing Louis get sucked into the strange dynamic of their marriage. Christine couldn't seem to decide whether to flirt with him or mother him while Neil just looked on bemused. Weirder than any weird weekend.

Vastly less compelling was Blind Date (ITV, 15 December 19.15) cruelly sandwiched between two episodes of the brilliant Pop Idol. Once must-see Saturday night TV, it now looks decidedly jaded next to the freshness and energy of Ant and Dec's young hopefuls. Cilla might look good for her age, but her show certainly doesn't.