ITV2's new show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend made a rather sluggish start last night at 9pm with a modest 428,0000 viewers (2% share).

The first hour-long show, in a series of eight, began with 437,000 (2%), hit a high of 443,000 (2.1%) half way through and ended the final 15 minutes on 399,000 (1.9%).

The entertainment show, which sees the hotel heiress and socialite search for a British friend, was down 26% on the channel's slot average for last year of 579,000 (2.9%).

The ITV2 show then attracted a further 131,000 an hour later when it aired on ITV2+1.

The show attracted a suitably large amount of the channel's targeted younger viewers. All of the people watching the 9pm show, a sizeable 48.5% were in the 16 to 34 age range. The show also managed a respectable showing with upmarket viewers (ABC1s) making up a third of all those watching the show.

While the show didn't quite manage to live up to its potential it was still strong enough to outperform most of its key rivals at the time, only losing out to More 4's ratings hit ER.

The fourth episode of the final series of the US hospital drama pulled in 600,000 (2.8%) in the same 9pm slot and drew 57,0000 on the timeshifted channel an hour later.

Further down the field at 9pm was BBC3's documentary Vodka, Homework and Me on 330,000 (1.5%). E4's My Name is Earl managed 324,000 (1.5%) for half an hour at 9pm and 123,000 on E4+1. The channel's audience dropped to 218,000 at 9.30pm for The Big Bang Theory which also pulled in 64,000 on E4+1.

Channel 4's youth entertainment channel was on much stronger form at 10pm with Skins appealing to 762,000 (4.6%) for an hour. The show also drew 127,000 an hour later on the timeshifted option. The drama outperformed BBC3's EastEnders on 699,000 (3.8%).