The Disney Channel is set to launch the UK’s first 25-minute staggercast service for its pre-school channel Playhouse Disney.

Playhouse Disney+1 will launch on 30 October in a new EPG slot adjacent to sister channel Playhouse Disney.

The launch of the new channel will coincide with the shifting of the whole family of Disney Channels on the EPG, which will see Playhouse Disney and Playhouse Disney+ moving on to page 2 of Sky’s EPG alongside all the other pre-school channels such as Nick Jr and CBeebies.

The Disney Channel is moving onto page 1 to sit alongside other older children’s channels such CBBC and Cartoon Network.

It is hoped this tailoring of the EPG slots will make it easier for children to navigate their way around the individual channels.

Disney Channels UK managing director Rob Gilby said the move to stagger the new channel by 25-minutes rather than the standard one hour was aimed at satisfying children’s desire to learn through repetition.

He said: “Playhouse Disney aims to help parents raise happy, well-rounded children and part of this is offering a schedule tailored to their needs.

“Most staggercast channels are based on the concept of timeshifting alone hence the standard plus-one approach.

“Playhouse Disney + takes into account both timeshifting and potential repetition, which we hope will offer more flexibility for parents and preschoolers.”