Sky Post Production has completed all the final post on documentary, Klitschko: More Than A Fight, which premiered at Sheffield Film Festival, opening the festival on the first night.

The project is a feature documentary by Kevin MacDonald and Edgar Dubrovskiy.

The film-makers had unprecedented access to Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir, who together dominated the heavyweight boxing world for more than a decade.

Klitschko: More than a Fight captures the longest serving Mayor of Kyiv as he holds his city together in the face of constant Russian aggression.

The main look of the film was based on a LUT that Edgar Dubrovskiy developed in-camera and was applied to the offline rushes. This was low in contrast and had a bleach bypass feel to the highlights, based around the Kodak 2083 film stock.

A large part of the work on the documentary was cleaning up and mixing dialogue that was recorded in a wide range of scenarios.

This was achieved with some common audio post tools – most notably iZotope RX10 and Supertone Clear. Away from the dialogue, Sky Post Production also had some sections that dealt with Vitaly Klitschko’s boxing matches and these had to be made to sound relatively smooth without too many bumps/cuts in the crowd where comms came in and out.

SFX editor Tom Nursey worked hard to match any crowd SFX he put in to the comms that came from the edit, which helped these sections to flow.


Post Producer: Ollie Bramley

Post Production Co-Ordinator: Francisca Ribeiro Paiva

Colourist: Mark Mulcaster

Graphics: Trev Hart

Online Editor: Jon Slade

SFX Editor: Tom Nursey

Re-Recording Mixer: Finn Curry

Workflow Supervisor: Liam Stiles