Milk was lead VFX partner for the show, producing 259 shots

Milk VFX has revealed its work on Netflix drama Scoop, which aims to recreate the Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC interview with Emily Maitlis.

Milk was lead VFX vendor for the show, which stars Gillian Anderson, Keeley Hawes, Billie Piper and Rufus Sewell. A team led by VFX supervisor Ciaran Crowley and 2D supervisor Henning Glabbart created 259 VFX shots as well as managed the full process and provided onset supervision.

With strict protocols around location and reality filming meaning it’s not permitted at the official Royal residences, Milk had to create and deliver the VFX and environment work from scratch. The most complex VFX craft was creating the CG environments. Milk used DMP and 2.5D projections to accurately recreate Buckingham Palace and added CG cars and crowd elements outside the gates along The Mall.

Crowley noted: “It’s always an interesting challenge to accurately reflect such iconic buildings such as Buckingham Palace and to do it justice with VFX. Scoop is a contemporary show with many topical and recognisable British scenes in it. The ambition is always to make post-production so slick that you wouldn’t know it’s VFX at all. We had a great relationship with Dazzle Pictures, who did all New York Environment work, Red Ring Entertainment and NetFX.”

The full Milk team also included Jo De Mey, Connor Guyler, Miyuki Tatsuda, Simon Wicker, Charles-Henri Vidaud, Bahar Cetin, Craig Gemmil, Hope McAdams, Miranda Kay and Ben Thomas, in addition to Crowley and Glabbart. 

Those interested can discover more about the production of Scoop at the Media Production & Technology Show next month. TV presenter Ria Hebden will speak with Scoop executive producer, as well as author of the book that the show is based on and the person who secured the interview with Prince Andrew, Sam McAlister, as well as Scoop director Philip Martin. If you want to attend, you can register for free here.