The inaugural season of the competition will be shown live on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website

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The eSkootr Championship, which begins 13-14 May at Printworks London, will be shown live on the BBC’s iPlayer and BBC Sport platforms.

The BBC will broadcast live coverage of the Saturday evening final, with expert presentation and commentary introducing viewers to the riders and the new sport.

Following the London event, the BBC will also provide live coverage of the racing action from the additional five rounds on the 2022 calendar – in the Swiss city of Sion, and in France, Spain, Italy and the US.

The Championship featues specially designed tracks, short format, high-speed racing. The eSkootr Championship says the coverage will be “exhilirating”, with ”creative camera angles, production techniques and second screen experience providing viewers with a unique sports broadcast.”

The BBC will use eSkootr Championship’s own production of the events, created by Canadian production company Boombox, which includes pre-race build-up, live race commentary and post-race interviews, highlights and analysis.

Sharon Fuller, eSkootr Championship chief content officer, said: “We can’t wait to give fans their first taste of eSkootr Championship and introduce them to our new form of racing. We want the Championship to be accessible and working with the BBC will ensure the widest possible audience has the opportunity to see the sport. It is going to be fast, competitive and unpredictable, with innovative TV production taking viewers right into the heart of the action.”

The Championship has just launched a 2022 Season Preview film providing “all you need to know about the world’s first eScooter racing series” - you can watch it below.