The company provides live details such as strike speed, strike accuracy and fighter distance

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Combat IQ is developing a series of real-time data and computer vision insights for fighting sports, which can be used to provide fans with more detailed analysis during fights.

The range of information created by Combat IQ is still being defined, but early demos include details such as strike speed, strike accuracy, fighter distance, kick height, time in clinch and an ongoing record of which parts of the body different punches and kicks have landed.

The real-time data and insights are presented as on-screen graphics, which Combat IQ sees as both enhancing broadcasts and offering enhanced betting opportunities.

Tim Malik, CEO at Combat IQ told Broadcast Sport he believes there’s a gap in the market for live data in combat sports: “There’s very little live data available at the moment – MMA (mixed martial arts) is the eighth most popular sport in the world, and we’re the only ones providing stats for it. We’re focused on both the broadcast enhancement and sports betting side and use computer vision and markerless motion tracking to create stats and analytics in real-time, which betting companies utilise for the live betting odds during bouts.”

Combat IQ’s computer vision has learned the movements of combat sports and works by overlaying a body mesh on top of each fighter which moves with them, tracking their movements in real-time.

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The computer vision typically needs around three or four cameras to work effectively, and these are the existing cameras used by the production team, so no additional hardware needs to be brought into the production.

It can work with any fighting sport, including wrestling and sumo wrestling. And, as well as combat sports, the company is working with non-combat sports including Padel and Pickleball to provide real-time stats. “As our model works at such a high speed, we can cater for high-paced, real-time activity in these sports too,” says Malik.