Atlas Films, LadBible Group, and Cut Media discuss the challenges of producing YouTube content

Content Summit YouTube panel

This episode of the Broadcast Sport Podcast comes from a session at the 2023 Broadcast Sport Content Summit, which took place at dock10, MediaCity, on 23 March 2023.

Bubble Agency’s Louise Wells spoke to Atlas Film director/producer Samuel Davies, Cut Media CCO Scott Marshall, and LadBible Group senior creative producer for sport originals Connor Suckling about the challenges of creating YouTube content. 

The trio covered topics such as how to work with athletes and brands, creating new formats, how to get viewers to your videos, and more - giving tips and tricks for those looking to create their own content in the area. They also speak about how to adapt that content for other platforms, such as YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

You can listen to this episode, and the rest of the Broadcast Sport Podcast, below.