AFTV and DR Sports co-founder speaks to Broadcast Sport about social content and how broadcasters can learn from fan-created content

Robbie Lyle AFTV Global Fan Network

The latest episode of the Broadcast Sport Podcast sees AFTV and DR Sports co-founder Robbie Lyle discuss how fan-created content reaches supporters and what broadcasters can learn from it. 

Lyle, through his Global Fan Network company, has recently launched F1-themed channel On Track GP in partnership with Planet F1, and speaks to Broadcast Sport reporter Max Miller about how his channels have grown since AFTV started, the move to live content in that time, and where the fan-created content could go next.

He also revealed the latest technology innovations that will be integrated into AFTV, and why he believes F1 has a similar dynamic to football for fan content.

In addition, Lyle gives tips on what broadcasters could take from the sector, with authentic voices, more fan representation, and the importance of releasing content as close to live as possible among the important lessons that could be learned.

You can listen to the episode, as well as the rest of the Broadcast Sport Podcast catalogue, below.