The sports streamer is integrating remote commentators, casters and announcers from any location into its live sports productions

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Premier Sports has partnered with QuickLink to introduce remote commentators into its live sports coverage.

QuickLink’s Remote Commentary enables Premier Sports to integrate high-quality remote commentators, casters and announcers from any location worldwide into its live sports productions.

The remote commentators can view real-time video and audio of a sporting event while providing single or collaborative commentary from any location.

It’s available as software, hardware or cloud and utilises QuickLink’s remote contribution solutions.

The Remote Commentary product is also being used to provide remote commentary for brands including Fox Sports, Red Bull Media House, ESL and Star Sports.

Mark Pilkington, CTO, Premier Sports, said: ”The QuickLink Remote Commentary solution has been a revelation in enabling us to easily introduce remote commentators into our sports productions. We are now able to easily introduce audio commentary from remote guests and more effectively provide audio commentary to our subscribers.

“The high-level of remote control settings and dedicated commentary workflows within the QuickLink StudioManager ensure that we are able to easily incorporate remote commentators and castors into our sports commentary. The QuickLink solutions have enabled us to add a new dynamic to our sports production broadcasts.”

Premier Sports streams content including Premier League, Formula 1, NBA, WTA, LaLiga, Serie A, Champions League, UFC and NASCAR in different global territories.