Quantel used NAB to unveil Dino, a new collaborative workflow for sharing content between broadcast centres that is being described as 'email for television production.'

Dino (Distance Is No Object), which is based around the Newsbox HD and Enterprise sQ products, is an engineering development that solves the problems of bandwidth, latency and availability that are inevitable over long distances across a WAN (Wide Area Network).

It allows broadcasters to share media, resources and workflow between locations anywhere in the world.

Dino achieves this by using a combination of transport protocols, bandwidth optimization and interruption-tolerant engineering techniques that enable a fully operative workflow between two or more sites.

Content can be shared between stations, studios, temporary facilities and travelling reporters or staff working from home.

“Dino is like comparing an email with a fax,” said Trevor Francis, Quantel head of broadcast.

“With a fax I can read your words; with an email I work with them; adapt and personalise them. Sharing video over distances may be easy; sharing workflow is much harder.

"Media is most valuable when it's selected, formatted and presented according to the needs of the user. Dino is the email for TV production."

Quantel previewed Dino at NAB 2008.