ITV's dramatic story line in Coronation Street last Sunday helped the broadcaster to its third highest peaktime share this year, writes Jon Rogers.
According to unofficial overnights, between 19.00 and 22.30 ITV gained a share of 47.5 per cent compared with BBC 1's 20.2 per cent over the same period. ITV's 60-minute soap special at 19.30 was watched by 12.8 million (59.5 per cent share), followed by Where the Heart Is at 20.35 with 9.5 million (43.1 per cent). A further 12.3 million (51 per cent) saw Coronation Street's climactic instalment at 21.30. BBC 1's Paul Eddington - a Life Well Lived at 19.30 had 3.1 million (14.6 per cent), while 3.6 million (16 per cent) watched Speed at 20.00 and 6.3 million (29.4 per cent) were impressed by Steve Leonard's Ultimate Killers at 20.30.

BBC 1 clawed back some lost ground on Monday (16 July) as new drama series Mersey Beat at 20.30 detained 7.8 million (36.9 per cent). ITV's Carol Vorderman's Better Homes at 20.30 drew 5.8 million (27.2 per cent) and Survivor at 21.00 had 5.7 million viewers (26.7 per cent).

Earlier that evening, Channel 5's new series of Home and Away at 18.00 attracted 2 million (13 per cent) helping the station to its best ever performance on a Monday with 8 per cent of viewing. On Channel 4, a repeat of Friends at 18.00 got a cosy 1 million (6.7 per cent) while BBC 2's The Simpsons drew 2.3 million.