Channel overview

  • CBB 2017

    CBB Hell is heaven for C5


    Each winter brings, with increasing savagery, an NHS crisis, and with one currently blowing a hard chill, BBC2 fast-tracked a fly-on-the-medic doc series. Elsewhere, Channel 5 sent its inmates to hell.

  • No Offence

    Arresting start for No Offence


    The second series of Paul Abbott’s C4 comedy drama No Offence debuted on Wednesday at 9pm with 1.9 million/8% (320,000 +1), its second best overnight after series one’s opener: 2.2 million/ 10% (323,000 +1) on 5 May 2015.

  • David Blaine

    David Blaine magics up 1.2m


    This week as Channel 4 reminded us that David Blaine is still out there doing something or other BBC2’s intrepid traveller stayed home to fix lives.

  • Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

    C4 finds a festive jewel


    It must be nearly Christmas since Kirstie has started knitting her own festive jewellery. But before anyone gets carried away, BBC2 alliteratively reminded us of a disaster.

  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

    Antiques bring value to BBC2


    As if it’s not quite thrilling enough seeing long-haired lover Donny Osmond and Amarillo-dreamin’ Tony Christie rummaging around the Midlands for bric-a-brac, this week, BBC2’s antiques ramble went berserk and put Donny in a De Lorean – the automotive equivalent of bric-a-brac.

  • Masterchef The Professionals

    Top table for BBC2's chefs


    Forty years ago, it fell to West Bromwich of all places to promote black footballers and take on racists. On Sunday, BBC2’s doc about a strange but significant football match in 1979 defeated Channel 4’s Humans, as it did quite a few low-watt humans at the time.

  • Tori Herridge

    C4 washed out at low tide


    Beyond the shouty entertainment shows elsewhere, Channel 4 went all beachcombery on Saturday night — while BBC2,s arts strand was like Bargain Hunt on acid.

  • Ratings

    Close To The Enemy trumps prison doc


    I met Stephen Poliakoff once. It’s likely I remember it more clearly than The Great Beard does.

  • Arctic Live

    Viewers warm to Arctic Live


    Some newspapers get into hysterical froths about anything these days, so it’s not surprising there are epic warnings of some kind of icy Armageddon bearing down on us – it’s best to keep every one cowed.

  • Humans

    Humans fails to come to life


    I am beginning to wonder if being human is all it’s cracked up to be.Perhaps it would be better if the machines did take over. Surely they’d be no more dangerous than some of the brains currently seeking or exercising power.M