Non PSB Ratings

  • Ratings

    Delicious delights Sky 1


    This week, Sky 1 sent its resident ex-cricketer off to fricassee some Australian meats, but this wasn’t the most delicious fare on the channel’s menu.

  • Delicious

    Sky 1 drama tastes success


    The second episode of Sky 1’s drama series Delicious achieved 562,000/3%, fractionally ahead of episode one on 30 December (552,000/3%) after 29 December’s sneak 3am preview (150,000/12%).

  • Legends of Tomorrow

    Legends of Tomorrow rescues Sky


    With hands on hips, cloaked, lycra-swathed and leather-clad superheroes got together this week to save the ratings of tomorrow’s legends on Thursday and it worked.

  • The Flash

    The Flash sprints ahead


    Sky 1’s best 8pm superhero was The Flash with 356,000/2%

  • The Walking Dead

    Last-ditch win seals it for Sky


    Football produced some of the best drama as Bournemouth fans knocked over their cocoa, leaping out of their bathchairs at an unlikely win.

  • Ratings

    Sky's robots outgun pope


    It can’t be long before some writer coming down with a fever in their freezing garret dreams up the idea of having Lenny The Pope wander into the artificial Wild West. After a few weeks on Sky Atlantic, it’s clear who’d win that particular gunfight at the corral.

  • The Walking Dead

    Westworld loses to Gold Rush


    This week, Sky Atlantic’s more theatrical version of the Wild West wrestled the ‘real men’ of the gold rush to a standstill before the sheriff in the white hat (also known as the PVR) rode into town to restore order.

  • Young pope

    The Young Pope loses followers


    HBO’s Westworld had its fair share of troubles as it lurched through production, but it must all seem worth it now that a second season has been confirmed.

  • Celebrity Haunted Hotel

    Haunted Hotel closes doors


    This week, W finished spooking the heebie-jeebies out of celebrities on Halloween. Fox’s own undead shuffled along nicely, while its new comedy-drama attracted small numbers but positive responses.

  • Walking Dead

    Walking Dead still living it up


    This week, Jude Law playing a chain-smoking American pontiff debuted with record ratings – in Italy at least. Over here, we seem more possessed by bloodless perambulations and celebrities finding things in locked cupboards.