The Realtime Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) project consortium will demonstrate a working prototype of its EU-funded video analysis technology at NAB.

The ReCAP software platform is being put together in order to enable media companies to automatically analyse and extract time-stamped, descriptive and technical metadata, in real-time, from live broadcast-quality video content.

It will also be able to process existing archive content.

 “Customers with live video workflows or existing archived video are never going to have time to watch, analyse, and make decisions about all of their content,” said NMR chief executive Neil Anderson.

“ReCAP will provide a range of automatic content-analysis services to form an affordable, scalable, open, and flexible platform designed to enhance metadata-driven media workflows and realise the value of content archives.”

The ReCAP consortium includes New Media Research (NMR), ToolsOnAir, Nablet and Joanneum Research (JRS).

The project is partially funded by a €1 million grant from Horizon 2020, a European Union (EU) fund that supports making technology commercially available and affordable for small to medium-size enterprises.

The final ReCAP product will be able to analyse objects, logos and faces and spot content duplication, Anderson added.

It will also provide automatic detection of quality impairments, such as lost or frozen video frames, block dropouts, visible macro-blocking and estimation of sharpness and noise.

The ReCap product will work in a web browser and will be able to be deployed on-premise, in a data centre or in the Cloud.

An alpha version of the application should be available by IBC in September with a beta by next NAB. Products could be shipping by May 2018.

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