The UK’s nine regional screen agencies are to be restructured into three hubs under sweeping changes announced today by culture minister, Ed Vaizey.

The agencies will be “recalibrated” into three hubs Creative North, Creative Central and Creative South, which will all fall under the banner of Creative England.

The screen agencies, including Northern Film and Media and Film London, will work together to restructure into the three groups over the next year. It is not yet known how many jobs are likely to be affected or what impact the move will have on television production funding mechanisms.

A full Creative England proposal document will be published and opened up to an industry consultation next year. Feedback will help create a business plan for the new system.

“Providing locations support and encouraging inward investment is extremely important to both the national and regional film economy, and these will continue to be key areas of activity going forward,” Screen England, the umbrella organisation for the screen agencies, said in a statement.

“The regional screen agencies will work together to decide the best way to continue this support under Creative England, and we will confirm further details in due course.”

John Newbigin, chair of Screen England added: “We are pleased to say that in the Creative England structure, we believe we have arrived at a framework that will deliver effective and streamlined support to the regions via a new hub and spoke network.”