BBC 1 drama sheds another 1.5m viewers to finish its run with its worst figures yet while Survivor and The Bill on ITV 1 pull their best figures of the year
BBC1 drama Rockface lost another 1.5m viewers last night to finish it's run with its lowest figures yet, writes Patrick Lawlor

The drama, looking in on the lives of a mountain rescue team in the Scottish Highlands, managed a meagre 2.9m (13.4 per cent share). It has steadily shed viewers since its debut six weeks ago.

Following Rockface, The National Lottery: Jet Set Departure Lounge attracted 3.6m (16.6 per cent) at 21.00. 3.9m (18.1 per cent) tuned into Shops, Robbers and Videotape at 21.10, but the slot was one by ITV1's Survivor, which scooped 5m (23 per cent) from 21.00, it's best figures of the series so far.

ITV1's The Bill put in a very strong performance at 20.00, pulling 8m viewers (37.1 per cent) for the second installment of its three-parter, and emulating Survivor's feat in securing its best figures of the year.

As ever, ITV 1's failsafe soaps performed well, with Emmerdale at 19.00 bagging an impressive 9.7m viewers (51.1 per cent), and Coronation Street at 19.30 seizing 11.9m (58.2 per cent). The northern soap overshadowed BBC1's So You Think You're A Good Driver in the same time slot, which managed just 2.6m viewers (12.8 per cent).

BBC2 had some success with another re-run of The Good Life, which secured a total of 2.8m (13.6 per cent) viewers. The Seventies sitcom was followed by a temporary drop in viewers at 20.30 with How To Be a Gardener's 2.8m (12.8 per cent) but the channel recovered with the second instalment of the well-received three-part Food Junkies, which had 3.1m (14.1 per cent).

Channel Four's night of drama performed well enough, with Brookside attracting 1.4m (6.7 per cent), ER pushing to 2.8m (12.8 per cent), and the continuing second series of the trendy Teachers, collecting 2.4m (14.3 per cent) at 22.00.

ITV1 came up trumps with an overall 35.4 per cent share for Wednesday evening, followed by BBC1 with 17 per cent, BBC2 took 10.4 per cent to Channel Four's 9.4 per cent, leaving Channel Five with 5.2 per cent stake of the total audience share.