On the lookout for more characters

What have been your most recent third-party programme acquisitions?
We have Fantasy Factory, our first direct distribution deal with MTV Networks. We also have Pay It Off, a new gameshow format in production for BET in the US, produced and devised by Sokolobl Entertainment. Contestants compete with each other to have their debts paid.

What will you be looking for over the coming year?
Interesting characters and stories, either series or documentaries, delivered in a factual entertainment or documentary format.

What challenges are you facing?
Helping UK producers to ride the economic hardship of our broadcasters by opening themselves up to other markets to fund production.

How is the recession affecting the acquisitions market?
Most of our content comes from the US. We couldn’t wholly rely on UK content, given the lack of commissions.

Where are the best programmes coming from at the moment?
The UK, of course (and the US).

Your most important TV market?
Without a doubt, it’s Mipcom.

Sally Miles is chief executive officer at Passion Distribution