SAM (Snell Advanced Media) has unveiled Morpheus UX, a control interface for the company’s Morpheus playout automation and ICE channel-in-a-box product line.

Morpheus UX allows users to customise their channel views and focus on the specific functionality they need.

SAM Media Software Solutions EVP and general manager Neil Maycock said: “Today’s playout environments vary massively both in scale and complexity of channels.

“With virtualisation set to increase the ability to launch additional services, a new way of looking at control is essential.

“Morpheus UX is the result of a thorough analysis of today’s playout operations, where it’s abundantly clear that one size no longer fits all. What’s required is the ability for customers to define their own user interface, on a channel-by-channel basis if desired.

“They have to be able to quickly access core functionality rather than search through unused items or menus.”

Panel types and functions include a panel that just shows upcoming live events; a screen for a supervisor who can see the next four events across 10 premium channels, and then add emergency control buttons to advance or pause the playlist for each of those 10 channels; a traditional, fully-featured list view with secondary events, event status and multiple countdown timers and for live interaction, a complete master control mixer can be built with program bus cuts, DSK and DVE control.

Morpheus UX is available now. It will be demonstrated at NAB next month.