BBC Knowledge is looking into reintegrating its in-house and indie commissioning teams into a single unit - undoing the controversial restructure put in place last December.

It would mark the second U-turn for the department in as many years as it has flip-flopped between integrated and competitive commissioning structures.

The unit currently comprises two rival teams that report to BBC Knowledge controller George Entwistle and battle it out for commissions in the WoCC. The arrangement was intended to energise commissioners and give in-house and indie producers a fair chance of winning business.

However, the department has been plagued by disagreements, with each team accusing the other of an unfair advantage.

Emma Swain heads the in-house team and Richard Klein led the indie team before he was appointed BBC4 controller in November.

One senior insider told Broadcast: “Richard Klein's appointment at BBC4 gives management an excuse to restructure the factual department but they're going to have to eat a lot of humble pie. It's not working so we're going back to the future.”

BBC Knowledge managers have already sounded out some commissioning executives for potential new positions. A BBC spokesman said: “Richard has played an important part in the success of Knowledge commissioning and his move presents an opportunity to examine how it's working but no decisions have been made to change anything at this stage.”