Sky 1's big Easter drama Skellig failed to pass the million mark with the feature length one-off averaging a relatively disappointing 936,000 (4.7%) at 7pm on Easter Day.

The two-hour drama, featuring an all-star cast including Tim Roth in the title role, saw its audience fluctuate whilst on air. It started with 905,000 (5.3%) then hit 1m (5.8%) 15 minutes later before bobbing around for the remainder of the programme. It hit a low of 883,000 (4.3%) at 8.15pm.

The show was popular with both upmarket and younger viewers. Of those watching the show, 41.1% were ABC1s whilst 30.1% were aged between 16 and 34.

Sky 1's big drama last Easter, Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic - also on Easter Sunday on 23 March 2008 - pulled in a much more substantial 1.5m (7.9%) over two hours in an earlier slot of 6pm.

Skellig easily broke the channel's slot average for last year of 409,000 (2%) while this year so far the general entertainment channel has averaged 525,000 (2.3%).

The highly-publicised Sky 1 drama benefitted from viewers opting for the broadcaster's multi-start function with the show attracting another 81,000 on the same day. Another 88,000 used the playback facility on Sky+ the following day. Skellig was also repeated on Sky 2 last night (Monday) and averaged 296,000.

The Sky 1 drama wasn't the most watched show in multichannel homes on Easter Sunday as Dave's new episode of Red Dwarf managed to take the spoils.

The resurrected sci-fi sitcom pulled in 1m (4.6%) for half an hour at 9pm.


A number of other entertainment channels also found popular success at various times during the day.

BBC3's repeat of the Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead grabbed 758,000 (4.1%) at 7pm.

ITV2 also had a trio of successful shows. A repeat of Britain's Got Talent at 6.30pm from the previous day had 686,000 (3.9%) and 268,000 on ITV2+1, which was followed by Primeval at 8pm with 767,000 (3.7%) and 162,000 on the timeshifted option. Supernatural at 9pm had 675,000 (3.1%) and 170,000 on ITV2+1.

Film 4 also proved to be a popular draw at 9pm with its movie Borat which managed a strong 739,000 (3.7%) and 63,000 on the timeshifted option.