Despite a recent spate of poor ratings for its flagship channel, Sky One, BSkyB continues to dominate multichannel's 'millionaires club' - boasting the most number of shows with 1 million-plus ratings this year, writes Paul Revoir.
The figures come as part of a new Barb survey, which shows that, for the first time, more than half (50.4 %) of all UK viewers have access to digital TV.So far this year, Sky Sports 1 aired 43 of the 154 multichannel programmes that attracted more than a million viewers. Sky One had 33 shows topping 1 million.Sky Sports 2 also had 23 programmes that broke the 1 million mark.England v Turkey on Sky Sports 1 is the highest rating multichannel programme so far with 3.9 million viewers, followed by Arsenal v Manchester United on the same channel which garnered 3.4 million.E4 broke the 1 million mark on 32 occasions, primarily with Friends, ER and Big Brother. The top rating Friends episode took 2.5 million viewers in January.ITV2 managed to cross the 1 million mark on eight occasions with rugby, Champions' League football, I'm a Celebrity... and Pop Idol spin-offs.The BBC got six shows in the top 154 list - all EastEnders on BBC3, while Sky News broke the 1 million mark twice during the Iraq crisis. TOP 10 MULTICHANNEL AUDIENCES Programme Date Channel (millions) 1 Turkey v England 11 Oct Sky Sports 1 3.89 2 Arsenal v Man Utd 16 April Sky Sports 1 3.43 3 Man Utd v Liverpool 2 Mar Sky Sports 1 2.50 4 Man Utd v Arsenal 21 Sept Sky Sports 1 2.50 5 Friends 9 Jan E4 2.46 6 Tottenham vs Man Utd 27 Apr Sky Sports 1 2.43 7 England v Australia 12 Feb Sky Sports 2 2.40 8 England v Denmark 16 Nov Sky Sports 1 2.38 9 Friends 9 Jan E4 2.38 10 Newcastle Utd v Arsenal 9 Feb Sky Sports 1 2.22 Source: Barb