There was a fierce battle in multichannel homes last night as four of the key digital channels launched new shows including Generation Kill and the latest series of Lost.

Top of the pile at 9pm was Sky 1 with the start of the fifth series of Lost which pulled in a sizeable 946,000 (4.6%) for a double helping of the US drama. The show hit a high of 1m (4.5%) at 9.15pm and then hit the 1 million mark for half an hour from 10pm.

Right behind Lost was BBC3's new drama series Being Human which picked up a weighty 898,000 (3.9%) over an hour and peaked with 945,000 (4.1%) at 9.15pm.

Slightly further down the field, but still putting in a strong showing, at 9pm was the start of the fourth run of ITV2's Supernatural. The hour-long fantasy drama picked up 509,000 (2.2%) while another 140,000 watched the episode on ITV2+1 an hour later.

ITV2 aired the second episode of Supernatural at 10pm and drew 575,000 (3.3%) with 151,000 watching on the timeshifted option.

Generation Kill, the new drama from the acclaimed creator of The Wire Ed Burns, got underway at 10pm with 40,000 (0.3%) watching the feature-length edition. The final episode of The Wire pulled in 38,000 (0.3%) on 22 September last year.