Saturday’s Splash! finale gained 1m viewers on last week’s performance, but failed to make as many waves as 2013’s climax.

Splash! (ITV) 7.20pm-8.50pm
3.9m (17.2%)

The celebrity diving show recovered from last week’s record low of 2.9m (12.4%), but it remained short of the 5.6m (25%) who tuned in for last year’s curtain closer.

The action peaked with 4.7m (21.1%) viewers in its final five minutes as Diversity dancer Perri Kiely was crowned champion, according to overnight Barb figures supplied by Attentional.

Overall, the seven-part Tom Daley-fronted series averaged an audience of 3.8m (17.2%), which was 1.6m viewers short of last year’s average of 5.4m (23.4%).

FA Cup Live (ITV) 4.45pm-7.20pm
4.5m (23.8%)

Splash! would have been buoyed by the lead-in from ITV’s coverage of Manchester City’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea. The game peaked with 6m (31.1%) over the five minutes from 5.55pm.

The Voice UK (BBC1) 7.10pm-8.30pm
7.7m (33.7%)

The Splash! recovery took a bite out of The Voice’s audience. The show lost around 800,000 viewers on last week, making it the second lowest-rated episode of the run.

FILM: True Grit (BBC2) 9pm-10.45pm
1.8m (8.7%)

BBC2’s Coen bothers film was next in line after ITV and BBC1 in the primetime slot.

Hostages (C4) 9pm-10pm
672,000 (3.2%)

C4’s US import continued to wobble. It dived to a new low on Saturday.

The NCIS Movie: Judgement Day (C5) 8.30pm-10.10pm
903,000 (4.2%)

Hostages was beaten by a repeat of the NCIS movie.