Interactive TV developer plans to spice up games channel PlayJam with quiz based on The Lover's Guide
Static is to spice up its successful games channel PlayJam with an adult sex quiz to launch later this month, writes David Wood.

The game, based on sex education best-seller The Lover's Guide, marks a departure from traditional PlayJam content as it provides viewers with 'psycho-sexual quiz' with a strong educational focus.

Static interactive TV producer Stephen White said that because the quiz featured 'saucy content', 'every effort has been made to ensure that only adults get access to the game'.

Younger viewers will be discouraged by having to ring a premium rate phone line charged at£1-a-minute to obtain an access code which is then input via the set top box using a remote control. The code will only be valid for one day - viewers will have to ring in to obtain a second code for the following day, enabling Static and The Lover's Guide to rake in phone line revenues.

Minors will also have to navigate a series of interstitial screens warning viewers about the nature of the game. According to PlayJam director Jeff Zie the measures were taken to avoid people accidentally accessing the service.

'We have pretty much done everything we can do to make it difficult [for kids to access the service],' said Zie, who described the sex service as an experiment that which still echoed the core brand values of PlayJam.

The service offers two types of gameplay; a quiz and a trading card game which both allow viewers to test their knowledge of lovemaking. High scoring viewers stand to win prizes of holidays and consumer electronics.