I read your story ‘Bullying in TV: the ugly truth’ (Broadcast, 26.08.11). What goes around comes around.

I wrote this back in 2005: “I thought until about 10 years ago that the bully was finally extinct. Unfortunately, with the onset of redundancies and the huge surge of freelance staff, the bully has returned in spades…

“There are simply too many people chasing too few jobs. This not only ensures that wages stagnate but also that because you want the job, you can be shouted at, belittled, sworn at and you will simply stand there and take it. Fear has once again crept back along the corridors of production and it stinks… I have met three of these bullies in the last two years and one of them was a woman…

“The bullies should be outed and driven from the temples, but all of us are too afraid to do this and they know this, and therein lies the secret of their power.”

Nothing has changed in six years.

Malcolm Treen, former location manager