Broadcast’s Surviving the Downturn survey was designed to gauge how the independent sector is coping with tough economic conditions.

There has been no shortage of column inches looking at how the biggest broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 and Five have been adversely affected by the recession, but the economic downturn’s knock-on effects on indies, which rely on broadcasters for their livelihoods, have filtered down and are beginning to hit - and hit hard.

A total of 223 producers completed the 28-part questionnaire in June. The majority (73%) were from independently owned businesses with 27% working for super-indies (ie, part of a group). All responses were anonymous. Company owners, managing directors and chief executives made up the majority of respondents (46%), with senior managerial figures such as department heads making up another 26%.

Typically, businesses taking part have an annual turnover of less than £5m (59%) and employ fewer than 10 staff (49%).

A significant number work for medium-sized businesses with a turnover between £5m and £10m (17%) that employ between 10 and 50 staff (24%). At the top end of the scale, 13% of companies have a turnover of more than £50m with 20% of respondents working for organisations employing more than 100 staff.