Automated production and remote production technology are predicted to significantly impact the sector this year

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A survey of 150 global sport executives reveals automated content production (backed by 79% of respondents) will have a significant impact on their businesses this year. 

The Altman Solon 2023 Global Sports Survey also noted that 61% think remote production will have the same effect, and 74% believe content localisation will create meaningful changes.

52% think that content augmentation, such as gamification, stats, and AR/VR, will impact sports media.

The fall of “Web3.0” technologies is notable, with only 26% backing them to make a difference.

Altman Solon 2023 Global Sports Survey - Content Production Efficiency

Matt Del Percio

Altman Solon director Matt Del Percio said: “Sports media innovation cycles are accelerating. The media value chain is being disrupted by tech-driven top-down technology and user-driven, bottom-up consumption trends, and sports executives are aware of the huge business potential. To reap the benefits of these innovations, rights holders and sports media groups need to invest in a well-defined innovation roadmap that targets areas with long-term growth potential. In addition, testing new products and identifying interdependencies between different innovation areas will be crucial for successfully navigating the evolving landscape.”